Part 1 - Yoga for the special child 95H Certification Program Part 1 (48hrs)

Yoga for the Special Child Part 1 is a comprehensive, hands on, experiential 6 days course that will help you gain all the tools and skills you need to start teaching yoga to children with special needs. The course is open to yoga teachers, yoga students, school teachers, health practitioners, OT, PT, parents of children with special needs and everyone who is interested in helping children with special needs through the means of yoga.

The Method Sonia Sumar pioneered over 50 years ago, is rooted in classical Integral Hatha Yoga, therefore it carries all of its components : voice work- chanting, eyes exercises, breathing work- pranayama, physical exercise, asanas, deep relaxation and meditation- yoga nidra. It is a safe and gentle but yet extremely powerful therapeutic yoga approach that has been helping improve the life of children and adults with special needs across the globe. The method is suitable for any age and any conditions.

What you will learn
With this training you will learn how to work with babies and children up to 12 years of age. SriDevi will share with you all of her knowledge and experience and all she has learned and keeps on learning from Sonia Sumar directly. She will guide you through deepening your knowledge of Yoga , developing your own yoga practice, developing a practice for a child with special needs, gaining all the tools and skills you would need in order to deliver a yoga class, and gaining an understanding of the core Yoga for the Special Child Method values and structure.

The timetable is 6 full days 9:00am to 5:00pm split over two long weekends . You will have 1hr for lunch break and occasional tea breaks during the day. Tea and nibbles are provided. You will be provided with a manual - work book and as the week progresses you will be handed out more materials to take home. All material from the manual it will be covered fully.

On day three, four and five you will have the chance to observe a demonstration of the method. SriDevi will be working with children on 1:1 basis applying the methodology directly so you can gain even a deeper inside on how it all work. This offers a really fantastic opportunity for all participants on the course to not only see but also have the chance to discus, question and investigate further all that has been learned over the week.

During the program SriDevi also leads short yoga sessions with the aim of building up a regular yoga practice that you can do at home for yourself. It is important to be able to understand and experience the benefits of this particular yoga methodology on your own body/ self before even attempting to apply it & share it with children with special needs. (Please remember this is only for your own practice, this does not qualify you in teaching regular yoga classes to adults. To do that you need to complete a 200hr Teacher Training which you can do with Sonia Sumar herself or any other yoga school.)

"Yoga for the Special Child" is recognised by Yoga Alliance Professionals, Yoga Alliance International, International Association of Yoga Therapists and AOTA which proves the high quality of training you will be undertaking.

Once you receive your credit hours papers you can start sharing yoga with children with special needs from 0 to 12 years old but to fully be recognised and approved by all of the above bodies you will need to complete the full 95hrs of training.

For those who embark on teaching yoga you will need to consider getting an insurance and valid up to date enhanced CRB ( please note , this is applicable/needed in UK, other countries may have different rules and regulations. )

The cost of the course is £820.
The initial deposit is £220 and the rest is payable no later than two weeks before the starting date of the course.

However, we understand that sometimes splitting things on monthly instalments is more manageable financially therefore that option is also available. Once you pay the deposit we can then split the rest of the payment into equal amounts and you can pay it off monthly till the start of the course. If you choose this option please do let us know so we can arrange the details.

If you need help with finding a place to stay while on the course in London, do let us know. We can help out with finding a suitable accommodation in the area to make things easier for you.

Further Help
If you need any further information, feel free to email us at any time. We will do our best to help and support you in the process.

We look forward to meeting you and welcoming you to MahaDevi Yoga Centre and the Yoga for the Special Child Family.